Welcome at this website with a database of our breed the Polski Owczarek Podhalanski! The website is modernized and extended.

At this moment there are more than 10245 Podhalanski’s and litters in the database, worldwide registered. The database is available for online browsing and searching but not for copy, publish or distribute any information from this site without my permission.

I’m always looking for more information to complete the database. I can’t do this all by myself, without your help!
If you have any information, if you are a breeder and you will have your puppies or litter added to the database or do you own a Tatra Mountain Sheepdog with a pedigree which is not in the database? Please use one of the forms in the menu or send me an email. Maybe you’ve got some old catalogues from dog shows with information? Please make a scan, picture or a copy and send it to me. It would also be interested if you let me know when a dog died and the cause of death.

Since a short time, I’ve added some pictures in the database. At this moment, 60 dogs being shown. Sometimes, I don’t know its origin or the person who took the photo. If you think that a picture is placed without permission, please inform me. It is not my intention to ignore copyrights.
If you want me to add a photo of your dog(s), please send it to me. Look at the menu, you can upload files at this website. Copyright ‘ll be respected.

If you need information about inbreedingpercentage (COI) or anything else, please contact me or send an email at info@owczarek-podhalanski.eu.